Catalyst88 Membership Application

This is the official application form for the Catalyst88 MasterMind. Please submit when completed which will begin the vetting and consideration process for the MasterMind group. The process can take 2-5 weeks so please be patient. We believe in creating a systemic business built to scale on a solid foundation making a sustainable business that can prosper long term. You should believe that too.

Pricing and terms are subject to change at any time.

Please enter Full Name as First Name + Last Name
Enter a name or skip if you don't have a name.
Is there someone specific you want to be sure is approved in the MasterMind group before your membership is finalized? If so please name them otherwise you can skip this question.
($6250 billed upon application acceptance to finalize approval process + 3 subsequent quarterly billings to be paid by check.)
THIS OPTION IS CURRENTLY UNDER REVIEW AND MAY BE REMOVED. (The second member is $10,000USD for one year - same billing cycle in $2500 increments as the main membership) ** ONLY business partners that are listed on the same business registration or spouses are eligible to take advantage of this benefit. If you have questions about who can use this and who can not please contact us before submitting application: *
What are the MAIN channels do you currently sell on? (Check all that produce material revenues)
(If you are unsatisfied with an event inform us at the event and we'll make it right or refund your current event price and cancel your remaining obligation. We will ask for very specific feedback to improve the experience for others, but we'll do the right thing.)
You agree to review and commit to a policy of holding confidential information generated within the group to be held closely and not shared
Do you understand and agree that you will be responsible to prepare for at least one "Smart Session" at each event to share your best idea(s) with the group? These are generally 10 minute sessions.